#007 – The Tale of a Genius: Brian Clough

On what would have been his 85th birthday, we look back at the illustrious career of one of the greatest managers of all time.

#005 – Who’s to B(L)AME?

Underrepresentation in the Premier League. In the United Kingdom, the current political environment has left the nation more divided than it has ever seemed. As a first-year university student, certainly in my lifetime I haven’t been witness to the same level of distinction between countrymen that exists post 2016. Many people look to football asContinue reading “#005 – Who’s to B(L)AME?”

#004 Money Talks, Mentality Changes:

RB Leipzig and the 50+1 rule. For many, German football remains one of the last great bastions of footballing idealism. German fans are passionate, vocal and opposed to any degree of commercial interference into the game they love. German football has managed to hold on to these values in part through their adoption of theContinue reading “#004 Money Talks, Mentality Changes:”

#003 Burnley FC: Doing the basics right.

Burnley FC: Doing the basics right. Burnley FC is not a glamourous club. This is not to say that they don’t have glamourous moments. The mind travels back to October 2017 when Jeff Hendrick superbly finished a 24 pass, team move into the bottom right hand corner. At this time, Burnley were building upon aContinue reading “#003 Burnley FC: Doing the basics right.”

#001 Many Mad Metrics

Many Mad Metrics: How statistics are changing the modern game. Ever since Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill lined up on the big screen to portray a film adaptation of Michael Lewis’ ‘Moneyball’, the idea of statistics being used in sport has taken off.  Fast-forward to the winter of 2019, where technology has never been moreContinue reading “#001 Many Mad Metrics”