#011 – Marcelo Bielsa: ‘El Loco de Leeds’

Marcelo Bielsa is one of the most influential people of all time in the footballing world. He has developed a fascinating identity and culture at all of his teams and none more so than his current Leeds United. This article is an exploration of Bielsa’s character and career.

#010 – Where my friends will sit no more. Football without fans.

Substitute empty tables for stadiums and Marius’ words ring true. Empty chairs at empty grounds are all that can be seen regardless of whether there is a game being played or not. Where once the voices of thousands were heard now there is nothing and much like the survivor’s guilt felt by the young FrenchContinue reading “#010 – Where my friends will sit no more. Football without fans.”

#009 – The Best Job in the World?

Mental health issues are more prevalent than ever in 2020 and football is no exception. In this article I try to bring some light to issues existing in football. By no means are the points made exhaustive and there is constantly new information coming to light.

#005 – Who’s to B(L)AME?

Underrepresentation in the Premier League. In the United Kingdom, the current political environment has left the nation more divided than it has ever seemed. As a first-year university student, certainly in my lifetime I haven’t been witness to the same level of distinction between countrymen that exists post 2016. Many people look to football asContinue reading “#005 – Who’s to B(L)AME?”

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